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Conditions of Engagement

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  • HFLS is a equal opportunities employer and all bi-lingual sessional workers must follow the Code of Practice for Sessional/Casual Interpreters and adhere to HFLS’ Conditions of Engagement
  • HFLS sessional staff are required to adhere to a code of conduct, terms and conditions and a confidentiality agreement, to ensure confidentiality, impartiality, and professionalism as part of a commitment to carrying out duties on behalf of HFLS in a manner that treats everyone equally regardless of colour, race, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation
  • Interpreters must not arrive late at assignments as this causes proceedings to be delayed. A penalty of 15-25 % is deducted in all cases of lateness
  • Timesheethave to be completed and signed in your presence, by the authorising officer
  • Please ensure Timesheet are completed in full. Always double check that the Job Number is correct, ensure that you make a correct note of it when accepting the booking
  • Timesheet must be submitted within five working days from the assignment with an accompanying invoice
  • Payment is usually made within six weeks, free of deductions. You are liable for your own payment of Income Tax and National Insurance
  • Failure to submit your Timesheet within five working days leads to severe delays in payment
  • Unauthorised or self-completed Timesheet will not be accepted
  • Any follow-up assignment must be booked through HFLS as a new booking by the authorising officer
  • Your work is subject to an annual performance review and you are encouraged to attend all HFLS Continuing Professional Development Training and keep a log of attendance
  • A bonus payment will be made to interpreters who are punctual and reliable throughout the year and your name will be nominated to the Interpreter of the Year scheme
  • The following actions will be treated as being in direct breach of the Professional Code of Conduct and will result in instant termination of engagement with HFLS and could affect your entry to the Common Register:
    • soliciting work from a client
    • invoicing a client
    • accepting a direct booking instruction from a client
    • failing to attend an appointment without notification