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Community language services change to meet the ever evolving changes in health, social care and education services. HFLS brings 20 years of experience to provide a 21 st century solution for all your organisation’s language needs with an integrated technical platform for processing requests, on-going sourcing of the best interpreters and translators and competitive rates. At last, reduced budgets need not deter you from requesting a service that is essential to patients, customers, pupils and parents alike, who suffer limited English proficiency.

Sign up with HFLS and enjoy economies of scale – the more you book, the more you save.

Alternatively, make a one-off request as and when required. Friendly HFLS staff and our continually expanding team of over 300 experienced community interpreters and translators will assist you in every way. HFLS offers face-to- face assignments, telephone interpreting, BSL, document translation and proof readingtranscription, audio recording and subtitling. Contact us for a free translation quotation. We are happy to connect to your secure intranet for confidentiality and ensure compatibility of billing and invoicing. Full Terms and Conditions here. We also work with commercial organisations on international gatherings, offering face-to- face conference interpreting.

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